The muslin curtains bloom
And the stars fall down on me

“On one level there are the quick pirouettes in tone and register, the incredible sprung rhythms (a la Hopkins) and gorgeous sonics, the fruitful anachronisms; on another, the penetrating mind that gathers in the landscape--although seemingly effortless, the result of years of attentiveness and haptic training. The whole affects an enchantment that is the opposite of mystification: rather one feels as if one has gazed through to the core of the living cosmos, which is also to say, all the worthless crap that normally ruins the day falls away. Through a glass clearly.”

Gina Maranto

Thomas Phalen is an Irish/American dual national, raised in the American West. He has been writing poetry nearly all his life, but with a degree of diligent consistency for the last 25 years. Collections of poetry assembled over the past two decades include Beatific VisionsRavaged AngelLove to AshesMountain Wizard, and Achill Sounds. He is a fly-fisher, a poet, a gardener, a marathoner, a student of the French language, an ardent international traveler, and a woodworker.