O Moon (as sung by Jehovah)

"Teach her how to hunt" by    Ana Pavlyuk

"Teach her how to hunt" by Ana Pavlyuk


Proposition IV.

            That the moon is a solid, compacted, opacous
            body [with more to it than can be observed
            by the naked eye].

—J. Wilkins, Bishop of Chester, The Mathematical & Philosophical Works, London, 1708


Fair Moon,
          Round Tire,
                    bier of sweetest smoky incense,
                              the work of fingers in the firmament,
smitten not by night,
          stand [one glory] in the valley of Ajalon
          light the darkness called night
                    for signs of seasons, of seasons for signs, established for
                              the ever faithful
          endure these generations, these days & years, as witness to ordinance
commandments for the Prince:
          go to her to day
          open the gate of the inner court
                    that looks to the East
          enter by way of the porch [where she swings, radiant, over
                    the lilacs in full bloom more
                              angelic than the sky’s bar-
                                        barism: Orion swings
                                                  his club]
          stand by the post
          blow up the trumpet
          make obeisance to her
          lift up your eyes, [separate
                    those who lap
                              like dogs from
                    those who kneel
                              & drink]
          worship & serve her,
                    the hostess of heaven
          come, all flesh:
                    unblemished young bullock (6 lambs & a ram)
          offer a queen’s portion of burnt incense sweet
          feast on continual unleavened bread
          build a house consecrated to her name of freewill
blessed be [a cup] of Jo[e]
          for the [cream] of Lesser Ruling Light it [pours]

New Moon,
          [Flat] Tire,
                    the cloth under a woman’s feet
smitten by night,
          be not a darkened window
                    to housekeepers trembling & bowed
when not beheld at peace walking in brightness
          impure, it caused not to shine
commandments for the Prince:
          behold to marrow to morrow
                    your hollow bones
          fail not your seat to meat with the Queen
                    otherwise, your seat at the squared table will be empty
          put down the idolatrous priests
                    whom kings have ordained
                              to burn false incense
                              in the high places of cities
          spread out the bones of kings
                    whom he has loved
                    whom he has served
                    whom he has walked with after:
                              they will not be gathered
                              they will not be buried
                              they will be dung of the earth
          let no man judge you
                    earth’s foundations will shake
                    earth is utterly broken down
                    earth is dissolved clean
                    earth will reel like a drunk
                    earth will fall & not rise again
abominations that cause her mirth to cease:
          incense & feasts of rams, lambs, & bloody bullocks for
                    burnt offerings to vanity
                              mirrors & broke-back shoeless soles
when will she be gone that he may
          sell corn & wheat refuse
          make euro small & dollar great
          falsify balances
          buy the poor for silver &
                    the needy for our ragged pair of shoes?
blessed be the land of Job
          for the lesser precious things he must forgo


Trent Walters: "Contrary to popular folklore, Neil Armstrong was not the first man on the moon. I was. He was the first to walk on the moon. Since I was the first out the lander, he tripped me, making me the first man to swim on the moon. I also have the distinction of being the first man to crack his helmet on the moon and the first man to die on the moon. As you can imagine, the government hushed up these events, and I was expunged from the historical records. That's okay because my celestial spirit is at home wandering the deep craters, kicking up regolith and slow-motion rocks."