The Poetry of Joanna Ruocco

Joanna Ruocco

Dear Friends,

May's issue of The Lune (No. 12) features a previously unpublished selection from Joanna Ruocco's The Boghole and the Beldame. Quite frankly, Ruocco is a magician and her writing astonishes. The Boghole and the Beldame is a pastoral hallucination—more spell than story—that harks back to the waking life of an archetypal dreamer. Afoot in the muck of language itself, Ruocco paints a thicket in which every shimmering growth baffles the landscape. Author/diviner Selah Saterstrom says this:

"The keening logic that undercurrents JR’s dazzling language in The Boghole and the Beldame is no less than a short course in the cartography of transfiguration. The 'likes' and the 'unlikes,' like otherworldly pearls that weight the story’s threads, are indicators of a deep pulse-motor churning in the guts below the text’s surface. And so we move closer to something more like the consciousness of the rhizome. One resulting gift? The glorious invitation to consider relational modes that open us, rather than close us, into all that is not known."

No. 12's cover is real and living thanks to the seeing hand of Indigo Deany. The issue features a "Letter to the Moon" Alan Mudd, interplanetary spectator, friend of truth, and co-founder of LuNaMoPoLiS.

My deepest thanks to fine arts critic Ray Rinaldi and poet-professor Jonathan Montgomery for their recent writings in support of The Lune and communities in/of poetry.

Yours in the vast unceasing celestial sway,

⎯ Joseph Braun, Editor