Her skin shines mockingly
in rebellion. Light bends
around her like a scar.

Starr Owen's Fedora (preview) is an elegiac portrait, a hyperreal tableau vivant in which the letters are people and the fedora is a timeless incident. With short van Gogh strokes Owen paints a small encyclopedia of sisterhood, a still life throbbing like a heart, broken, open. Fedora traces the outline of a loved one, skirting the brim of the impossible familiar, an America embalmed by its expectations. Just twelve pages long, a myth has never been so contemporary, short-lived, and fitting.

“Starr Owen is an excavation. A lamp on a city street. An inward breath. Carry these poems in your back pocket, to open basements. Welcome to the lune of yourself."

— Eric Raanan Fischman


Starr Owen

From our Heritage Collection, the Starr Owen is handmade to hold you up by the head. Gentle yet uncompromising, this fedora is 100% Lunar wool, shorn from the sure-footed street-sheep of Mare Nectaris, the long lost mountain city of destiny, desire, and determination. Legend has it that Lau Tzu him/herself wore this fedora while translating the jocular babble of small waterfalls and invisible planets. Recommended especially for avant garde barbers and proto-nostalgic beekeepers, the Starr Owen is smoky, sage, and seamless. Don't leave your hut without it.