With shining paws, the animal's only
sin was hunger


Sherry Luo is an undergraduate at the University of Georgia pursuing a B.S. in Genetics and a B.A. in English. The recipient of the 2016 Georgia Poet Laureate Prize, she is the author of Imperative of the Night (The Lune, 2017). Her work appears or is forthcoming in Atlanta Magazine, Figroot Press, The Madras Mag, Mandala Journal, and The Shanghai Literary Review.

“Uncharted spaces—such is shadow—slip past at a toppling tenor, unfixed to perceptible clips in regular speeds in the sensing eye. Who knows how long we will linger but that this tongue trips ahead of us, where we just were, round some corner of it, echoing at the beginning of the alley or the end of an avenue, a lost breath catching up to the new light of further steps & beginning elsewhere—

“Sherry Luo’s Imperative of the Night dismembers into atom evening & is reforged as body in full night, what are the cares of the young & ordinary mind there? The ordinary body of night? What am I trying to be? Has the dark dream purified me? Is my request so innocent as I had hoped? The directive it would seem lends itself toward the embrace of impermanence & the seeking out of ineluctable  experience. To face the earth as a person dreaming. To endeavor the impossible task of true connection—these ordinary things.”

—Alan Mudd