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every point on the spinning earth
hears your voice, touches your breath

Ryan Wade Ruehlen's Jack Angel is an investigative story-manual with visceral clout, reaching into and in-between the lives of characters halfway to the afterlife. Ruehlen's background in multimedia art and performance (see: Flinching Eye Collective) informs a documentary poetics whose language is surreal, strategic, and jarring. Jack Angel emerges as a tactile synthesis of cultural talking points and media-modes: integration, interrogation, nomenclature, polis, boundaries, beliefs. As such, the manuscript features content both in print and online.


Page numbers marked with a “in the physical book parallel diagrams in the Out-of-Body Observatory and can be read in conjunction with the text or in isolated viewings.


Ryan Ruehlen

is originally from Hays, Kansas. He has worked as a gallery and independent curator, performer, organizer, sound designer, university lecturer, and currently co-­operates Shadowtrash Tape Group, an audio­ art cassette label in Tucson, AZ. Much of his work is collaborative and exists at the intersection of sound, media, and performance (see: Flinching Eye Collective). He holds a BFA in studio arts from Fort Hays State University, an MFA in studio arts at the University of Colorado­ Boulder, and a PhD in Intermedia Art, Writing, and Performance from the University of Colorado, Boulder.