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We can’t help stretching
into something called the past

and then forward into history
on these tendrils

“Reed Bye’s lovely unbound poem cycle, What’s This, spills whole and unimpeded from a great mind at play—sometimes incantatory, often humorous, and always surprising. What a gift from this beloved poet! (And who doesn’t love a poet who admits he’s on a mission to save the solar system? And who doesn’t love a poet who says: “If the door won’t open; there may be too much behind it” or “The sound is true and level | across years even if you can’t tell what it is | they’re saying” or “Lift your visor | Deep in cosmos | something flutters | A reflex such as I”.) What’s This, the newest LuNaMoPoLiS periodic offering to the world is indeed, as promised, luminous."

Maureen Seaton, author of Venus Examines Her Breast

“‘Who could object to the world's pull?’ Reed Bye asserts in his opening poem ‘Like a Wind’. Reed has written with the force and openness of that question his entire life. In this collection, What’s This, Reed Bye feels and imparts the pull of winds, doors, limbs, roads, flames, and rains. This is a poet whose seasoned craft finds him starting a poem six drafts in and the final cut of the poem that much further embedded in our consciousness. This collection is full of the thresholds Reed has embraced in his previous writings, today / tomorrow, sun / moon, you / me and illusion / impermanence. I would open our bookstore at any hour if a reader were seeking it.”

—Brian Buckley, Innisfree Poetry Bookstore

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Reed Bye

is a contemplative scholar and longtime professor at Naropa University's Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics. His previous books include Some Magic at the Dump, Erstwhile Charms, Border Theme, Heart's Bestiary, Passing Freaks and Graces, Catching On, and Join the Planets: New and Selected Poems. He has also released two original CDs, Long Way Around and Broke Even.