Bye, Reed-Portrait.jpg

We can’t help stretching
into something called the past
and then forward into history
on these tendrils

Collom, Jack-Portrait.jpg

Next year is
Out dancing with


Cesarco Eglin, Laura-Portrait.jpg

I wander behind
closed eyes. My way of staying
away from here, my way
of being dust.

Longpre, Ella-Portrait.png

And as the sky shifts pink to
accommodate the day, I make a
hole for a small soul in my throat.

Grenade-Willis, Marielle Portrait.jpg

I feel the field grow cold.
I hear the day yawn black.

Waldman, Anne-Portrait B.jpg

what is my time left behind
who will educate the all the children
sing them songs at evetide

fedora 1.jpg

Her skin shines mockingly
in rebellion. Light bends
around her like a scar.


jr cover.jpg

I did not love to ascend
that ruined stair.

Alonso, Lisette-Portrait.jpg

belly growing upward against
gravity, her entire world

Kari + Nick.jpg

every day this vast mystery
passes over the town where
      you were born

Mudd, Alan portrait.jpg

I shall be here when I get here again

Ruehlen, Ryan.jpg

every point on the spinning earth
hears your voice, touches your breath

jamais front.jpg

like a sail I found myself
in material I could carry

Howard, Scott _ Portrait.jpg

abyss                                                seek

            capsule                                     eat

                                  o            din

david contour.jpg

We go with the poetry of all we
know, and all we do not know.
Even the unknowing is love.


I am standing in the wet grass,
I am requesting the impossible.

jonathan black 2.jpg

Mouths opened one by one
From every shining pore
Of my body


The muslin curtains bloom
And the stars fall down on me

laura portrait.jpg

so beautiful, even God is forgiven

ginger portrait.jpg

Made of iron
Painted white


In desire which envelops thought
In night where the moon is a handful
      of violent birds


I am a damp veil
A mad dame alive in mud


there is intelligence to it, even if I can't quite grasp the design in a moment.


With shining paws, the animal's only
      sin was hunger


The plans you drew have decomposed
beneath fresh layers of experience
      and a desire
to see the sky close of its own accord


Your vision collides with the hills,
      the sky
an enormous parasol, cobalt blue,


Strange heat in the front of my brain.
You don't get to choose
your obsessions, not really.


look at it whose face is that is that face yours.


I do not count the mountains—
who knows where to begin?