The Lune shares language that stems from a sense of wonder, delight in experiment, and concern for humanity. We believe that a publication so informed acts as a cultural balm against the literal-minded, commercially-driven objectives of modern media.
Language is a force that troubles the boundary between what is private and what is public. In quiet print editions, The Lune conveys the scope of the poet’s approach to this disquietude—gyre of memory, intention, identity. We place an emblem of familiarity upon the foreign and of mystery upon the mundane. Hospitality is begotten of the alien, and wonder of the strange.

Something comes through us, each and all, in the poetic gesture, arc of meaning—something maddeningly complex, manifold, ever-shifting: beautiful, dangerous, familiar: language. The Lune proceeds from the idea that a thoughtful and inventive approach to language adds necessary depth to the social experience of time. Necessary because our time is troubled, yet we are capable of response.

Breath is the muscled flex of the splintered word, a quiver. The poet in us—body “so old, so familiar, that it’s easy to forget”—is strung unto angled stillness, bowed and bowing, skein of the prism. Something (again) trembles in the carbon: a cornered dream, esophagal thrum and growl. Who is the loosed word looking for?