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belly growing upward against
gravity, her entire world

Lisette Alonso's The Album of Untaken Photos is a series of lyrical daguerrotypes that expose the passing moment's power. With alarming grace, Alonso renders the emotional and psychic constitution of almost-memories, instances half-noticed, socially unpreserved yet personally irrefutable. We see the human beings in Alonso's poetry from without while they, as family members, shape each other mysteriously from within. There is a soundlessness to this language that trembles with what's real and readies us for revelation.

"In this collection of poems, Lisette Alonso offers us wounds and birds and reveals the distance and difference between “a husband” and “his wife.” The lush and lyrical language insists we become intimate with the raw and visceral so-real violence these pages document: an examination of the mythic archetypes of the mother, the husband, the child, and an exploration of our relational identity. These evocative poems raise important questions about dominion and gender, what it means to be a man, a woman, a wife, a husband―a human creature existing somehow impossibly in this impossible world.”

— Lola Xylophone


Lisette Alonso

is an award-winning poet, Florida native, mother of three, procrastinator, reluctant teacher, heavy sleeper, joyful eater, and uncommon dreamer. Her work has appeared in The Nashville Review, The Tishman Review, and a variety of online journals. She holds an MFA in poetry from the University of Miami.