Your vision collides with the hills,
the sky
an enormous parasol, cobalt blue,

“Living presences of family history animate Jaime Robles’s Memory Palace. Each poem finds “a passageway to elsewhere” in this house of ghosts and gifts, where shelves gather “dolls made of dried apples, / faces like old women, creased and carved.” Nature and poet collaborate in this lyrical memoir of shared belonging among collections “like everything green growing.” Robles’ perceptive and precise language guides us through rooms and staircases, interrupted conversations and unfinished paintings, into the garden below. Memory Palace leads us to believe in “rooms beyond the door” that bring us home again.”

—W. Scott Howard, Associate Professor of English & Literary Arts, University of Denver

Jaime Robles is a writer and visual artist. She has produced many of her texts as artist books, including Loup d’Oulipo (Woodland Editions, 2002) and Letters from Overseas (Woodland Editions, 2010), and her books are in collections at the Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley; the Beinecke Library, Yale University; and the Oulipo Archive in Paris, among others. She holds a doctorate in Creative Writing from the University of Exeter, UK.