look at it whose face is that is that face yours.

Genelle Chaconas is non­-binary gendered, feminist, queer, a Chaote, an abuse survivor, has mood disorders, and is proud. They studied creative writing at CSUS and Naropa University and got into the all­-American obligatory 50K worth of debt. They enjoy industrial/ drone/ noise music, hybrid/ postmodern/ experimental writing, cut-ups, fold-ins, William S. Burroughs, trashy sci-­fi and gangster flicks, journeys out of the body mind and soul, cheap takeout, underwater basket weaving, and long walks off short piers.

Yet Wave is an immersion, a hot dip into the melt and mess and then a flash freeze in the conspiracy of the flesh. What emerges is a damaged tadpole hell-bent on transformation, armed with its neural syrup and hunger loop to negotiate a Plague City populated with dumpster fashionistas, a brother’s musk, and a bog of cum mushroom jungles on the floors of the theaters. What results is a glued human, a modern decoupage turning itself inside out as it spirals counterclockwise into its galloping dream and twisted sculpture garden of wreckage. Hang on and strap yourself in to Chaconas’s hypervigilance as it makes its stops at its particular stations of consciousness. The only way to get out is if you follow the North Star.”

—Tim Kahl, Sacramento Poetry Center