Strange heat in the front of my brain.
You don't get to choose
your obsessions, not really.

“Oh go two it moves holy shit through history no time for it to happen again what with all these immediate pictures to hypersmash toward fastbop rhythm and hammer up ear transplants. I read this straight, then on repeat, it reads like an album, after this number is my favorite, the one about, or was it. Eleni Padden’s All the Parts of the Animal grabs flesh and lesson, eyeholes and attention, ecstasy, sadness, drugs, the system and combines them into the bombs of your starry visions. Be alert with this lucidity found from static, be readymade explosion.”

—matt clifford

Eleni Padden cooks, studies, writes, and lives in the mountains of Morgantown, West Virginia. She grew up in the muggy green magic of Tampa, Florida, and has spent time over the past six years evolving in Baltimore and Denver. She graduated from Johns Hopkins, where she learned stuff about poems and brains, and is currently pursuing her PhD in neuroscience at West Virginia University with a research focus on the neurobiology of post-traumatic stress.