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We go with the poetry of all we
know, and all we do not know.
Even the unknowing is love.

Poetic Faith is a singular study of timeless themes in the poet's practice. With disarming clarity and compassion, Mutschlecner celebrates our “radical contingency,” the “active mystery of what most vitally informs the world.” Gazing with the author through the lens of theopoetics, we see poetry shine a radiant and forgiving light into theology, cleansing it of dogmatism while nurturing inclusivity.

“Mutschlecner's meditations demonstrate the mutual suffusion of metaphysics and poetics... His inquiries transpire inside the clearest language and progress with a guileless, un-ironic depth of care and commitment. Suddenly, the reader finds herself in the midst of a universe that peels back its skin to reveal its living core."

Elizabeth Robinson (introduction)

A book of hours for the practicing poet, Poetic Faith is at home on the shelf between works like Clarice Lispecter's Agua Viva and Thomas Keating's Open Mind, Open Heart—refulgent with humility and the integral action of ecstatic prosody. “Where meaning is freed,” he writes, “it is at risk of loosing the parameters of dogma.” The poet is thus an agent of this risk and, consequently, a quiet revolution whereby language “does not so much point to a particular signified event or thing, it rather blooms with significant light that washes the whole landscape.”


David Mutschlecner

grew up in Bloomington, Indiana. He moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico, in his mid-twenties and attended graduate school at St. John's College, finishing with an M.A. in Liberal Arts. He has called New Mexico home for over twenty years.