Morning Rites | Reed Bye

A six-part verse-manual for waking life. Impelled by ‘simple measures in the American idiom’ suffused with twenty-first century esse, Reed Bye charts a precise and radiant course through postmodern sentience toward unfailing respect for human experience. Tyler Burba, Anselm Berrigan and Ella Longpre underscore Bye’s characteristically “wry insights into instability’s forms of onwardness,” his “mapping [of] the bodied experiences behind the poem, behind the day.” In Morning Rites, “deep clarity is found—by a rare wonder—in pure utterance.”


Poetic Faith | David Mutschlecner

A singular study of timeless themes in the poet's practice. With disarming clarity and compassion, Poetic Faith celebrates our “radical contingency,” the “active mystery of what most vitally informs the world.” Gazing with the author through the lens of theopoetics, we see poetry shine a radiant and forgiving light into theology, cleansing it of dogmatism while nurturing inclusivity. “In Poetic Faith,” writes Elizabeth Robinson in the introduction, “David Mutschlecner becomes our genius, a tutelary spirit that guides us into the plenitude of poetry.”


The Lune Quarterly | Autumn 2017

Marking the end of The Lune's thirty-title chapbook series and 2017 quarterly, Autumn is a commencement ceremony led by six contemporary voices: Sherry Luo, Nicholas Fuenzalida, Jaime Robles, Eleni Padden, Genelle Chaconas, and Curtis Romero. The resulting sextet of lyric and prose poetry leads us through civilized hells and congenital halls, charting the drama of the human body through personal and perceptual displacements.


The Lune Quarterly | Summer 2017

Summer 2017 features three short collections of new, expansive lyric poetry: Laura Chalar's Our Lady of Obligations, Ginger Teppner's I Should Have Been Linen, and Alicia Cahalane Lewis's The Fish Turned the Waters Over. Ranging in style from metrical stanzas to American haiku to prose fragments (whose original bodies exist sonically online), each collection deftly recasts the passing colloquial gesture—a memory, a sensation, a reflex, a guess—as a living piece of narrative moment.


The Lune Quarterly | Spring 2017

Spring 2017 features three radical short collections of new lyric and prose poetry: Mark DuCharme's Counter Fluencies 1-20, Tara Walker's Pill, and j/j hastain's Priest/ess. Each poet investigates the consumptive power of language, revealing—in detail at turns familiar, peculiar, and shocking—the secret grace of conception. Spring proffers the unfearing reader a triune journey into the news cycle's unconscious, where poets transmute obsession, addiction, and discrimination into the benevolence of song.


The Lune Quarterly | Winter 2017

The Lune’s Winter edition—first of the 2017 quarterly—features three short collections of new lyric poetry that chart different courses into the mythological terrain of ecopoetics: Nina Pick's Leaving the Lecture on Dance, Jonathan Simkins's This Is The Crucible, and Thomas Phalen's Useless Lodestone & Other Poems. Three voices course through concerns equally metaphysical and ecological. “Their language is a solid and flexible reminder,” writes Marielle Grenade-Willis, “that humans are ‘swinging doors,’ constantly connecting our alchemical energies to each other and to our world.”


Remembering Jack Collom

Mythological and mathematical references notwithstanding, Jack Collom’s “lune”—a fraternal twin of Robert Kelly’s English-language haiku of the same name—is the primary figure behind our title. Collom’s innovative pedagogy, acclaimed ecopoetics, and singular personhood made The Lune a conceivable endeavor. In the video below, Jack Collom (1931 - 2017) presents work from The Lune No. 5, Yes And No, and guides us into the joyous collaborative heart of poetry at Innisfree Poetry Bookstore & Café.


Forthcoming Editions

Marrow Music (Poets on Earth), ed. by Nick Hranilovich; multimodal structure, selected writings from The Lune's chapbook series, 2015-2017 ▴ Bruised Gospel / autumn haints, by Sarah Escue and Ellie Swensson; bicameral structure, extra-relational contemporary lyric ▴ El Creacionismo, by Vicente Huidobro (trans. by Jonathan Simkins and Kimrey Anna Batts); bilingual edition, selected writings of transnational avant garde poet.