Poetic Faith II copy.jpg

Poetic Faith | David Mutschlecner

Poetic Faith is a singular study of timeless themes in the poet's practice. With disarming clarity and compassion, Mutschlecner celebrates our “radical contingency,” the “active mystery of what most vitally informs the world.” Gazing with the author through the lens of theopoetics, we see poetry shine a radiant and forgiving light into theology, cleansing it of dogmatism while nurturing inclusivity.

"These terse essays fearlessly take on the most daunting subjects: beauty, signification, revelation, presence, relationship. His inquiries transpire inside the clearest language and progress with a guileless, un-ironic depth of care and commitment.… Suddenly, the reader finds herself in the midst of a universe that peels back its skin to reveal its living core.” (Elizabeth Robinson)

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Morning Rites | Reed Bye

Morning Rites is a generous new collection of verse by longtime pioneer of contemplative poetics, Reed Bye. Here, the poet catches the world mid-whirl by formally accepting the most disparate details of human life—“hoodies and whitewash, google, Shakespeare and cigarettes”—as expressions of consciousness, the great inborn song-and-dance of ourselves.

“[Reed Bye] explores the poetics of love, of bureaucracy, the mundane and the profound, and peels back with the realization that there is no space between the two, there is no spectrum; they are one." (Sally Seck) “Sometimes incantatory, often humorous, and always surprising,” Bye’s poetry is an exercise in communion, showing us a way through language into sheer living. (Maureen Seaton)