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Reed Bye's Fire For Thought

“Reed Bye’s poems capture the dictates of thought as processed by the conspiratorial and wandering eye, all the light and shadow of the natural world, the peripheral glimpses of people and places where few poets ever go.” (Lewis Warsh)

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Mark DuCharme's We, The Monstrous

“In the tradition of the Theater of the Absurd, ‘We, The Monstrous’ is a brilliant work of resistance that maps the paths that have brought us to the edge of the abyss. Mark DuCharme’s script for an ‘unrealizable film’ examines our fractured humanity, and offers us several possible futures.” (Brenda Coultas)

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Maureen Seaton's Fisher

“Instead of the resolution, we have the beauty of inquiry, which is itself the best kind of praise. In Fisher, Seaton wraps us in the aura of the unresolved, which is to say, the pulsing heartbeat of the imagination, where "Nothing stays killed…." And yes, this is a dark book. And yes, it has the power to save.” (James Allen Hall)

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David Mutschlecner's Icon

“Icon is a vivid example of David Mutschlecner’s theopoetics, offering devotion to the divine, to poets, and to the earth and materiality itself: ‘it is supernatural / that language lifts the tree,’ he writes, and ‘the gold ground holds / the halo whose gold / bleeds back into the ground.’ The icon is revealed as anyone’s loved face—and that beloved face can help one to know…” (Ahsahta Press)

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Joe Braun with Jonathan Montgomery

In honor of tonight’s Innisfree Poetry Bookstore & Café Fifth Anniversary / Anne Waldman Lune Release, I had to talk to the glowing, cratery satellite ball orbiting the whole situation, Joseph Braun. I’ve known Joe since he came to Boulder in 2011, and now it would be hard to imagine The Scene without him...

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