Forthcoming: Morning Rites
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Morning Rites
 (Winter 2018) is a great-hearted new collection of verse by pioneer of contemplative poetics, Reed Bye. Here, the poet catches the world mid-whirl by formally accepting the most disparate details of human life—“hoodies and whitewash, google, Shakespeare and cigarettes”—as expressions of consciousness, the inborn song-and-dance of ourselves.

“[Reed Bye] explores the poetics of love, of bureaucracy, the mundane and the profound, and peels back with the realization that there is no space between the two, there is no spectrum; they are one." (Sally Seck) “Sometimes incantatory, often humorous, and always surprising,” Bye’s poetry is an exercise in communion, showing us a way through language into sheer living. (Maureen Seaton)

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