A New Brave


Among dried leaves and bones and feces and seeds,
among minerals and coffins and decomposed dreams,
in lagging promises with scraped knees and matted doubts,
we churn the clods of these rented hours.
Here is the soil,
the stardust,
the salient, untraceable beginnings
where worship rises within the riddles
and bulbs defy the cold dark.
Here is where we dare to pierce the surface
and ordain brave lilacs
to sing (again) their hopeful refrain.
All meaning you thought was lost
and all convenience of decay...
let me say it like this:
A new stalk,
a new name,
a new brave.


Stephen Roach is a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and poet. He is the founding member of the internationally acclaimed ‘cinematic-folk’ band Songs of Water. Stephen has self-published three works of poems and an illustrated children's book, Satchel Willoughby & The Realm of Lost Things, which was a finalist in the NAESP’s children’s book award contest of 2011. His poems have appeared in Cultivate and have been distributed in America and Australia. He has written and recorded six albums and contributed music to independent films and commercials as well as the works of recording artists Ricky SkaggsJonathan David HelserJohn Mark McMillan, and others.

Stephen travels internationally, performing and conducting workshops on creative writing and music composition. He is currently hosting the Makers & Mystics podcast and working on his first book of prose. He and his wife, Sarah, live in North Carolina, with their two beautiful children, Evangelyn Belle and Isaac Brighton.