Like A Wind

Here from the wild side
a glorious day
blows in—nobody knows
better than the woods
bundled tight and swaying

How many certainties are there
Fallen limbs
What is the minimum
needed to qualify? Is this moment
tested, not simply googled
on the run?

Now at the end of the month
I hope you aren’t running
from glories misconstrued but
on the other hand
if it brings you to your senses

Who could object
to the world’s pull? It brings
the sun into place
each morning
from the other side of the wind


"Like A Wind" originally appeared in The Lune No. 5, featuring Reed Bye's What's This

Reed Bye lives in Boulder, Colorado with his wife, Jill Jones. He has published ten collections of poetry and two albums of original songs. He recently retired after many years on the core faculty of the Jack Kerouac School at Naropa University, where he taught poetry writing workshops and courses in classic and contemporary literary studies, and contemplative poetics.

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