The Poetry of Alan Mudd

Alan Mudd, 2013

Dear Friends,

I have made a habit of saying Alan Mudd is the best writer I know. It's ridiculous to say things like “best writer"—there are too many good and beautiful ways to go about anything for a single practice to be the best. I feel blessed to know a relatively large number of living practitioners. They all live beautiful complex inventive passionate lives. So what I am really trying to say about Alan Mudd is:

He is more saint than poet. He is more human than saint. He is a true & dear friend. He watches the water & walks on his feet. He listens deeply. He loves fully. He names freely. He is willing to hold his ground. He is willing to give it up. He lets people worship what they worship. He has changed my life with his language. 

Even if you never read this collection, I hope the effort communicates something, some dauntless and wholehearted interior work in the big face of this loud world. Poetry helps us go fearlessly into the unknown & ever-changing space between people. Then it helps us return.

Alan Mudd's Red King (Book 2) is The Lune No. 15. Matt Clifford has written a delightful attentive introduction to Mudd's work. You may understand nothing. You may understand everything. Revel in the tongue & toes of it. Think like a spiritual creature. Build your own home. Sing like bells.

Thanks as always to Indigo Deany for completing another remarkable cover portrait. You can order copies of No. 15 online (and a few LuNaMoPoLiS titles, too). As of this issue we are no longer offering yearly subscriptions. However, we will continue to release new Lunes every month, and are completely thrilled to host forthcoming works by the following singular artists: Ryan Wade RuehlenOlga Broumas & T BegleyW. Scott HowardJ/J HastainMark DuCharme, David MutschlecnerJonathan Simkins, and more.

I'll be in touch again relatively soon. Yours in the breathing bulk of this planet,

- Joseph Braun