The Poetry of Starr Owen

Dear Friends,

Our next issue of The Lune (No. 11) features Starr Owen's Fedora, an elegiac portrait and hyperreal tableau vivant in which the letters are people and the fedora is a timeless incident. Owen paints a small encyclopedia of sisterhood, a still life throbbing like a heart: broken: open. Fedora traces the outline of a loved one, skirting the brim of the impossible familiar, an America embalmed by its expectations. Just twelve pages long, a myth has never been so contemporary, so short, so real, and so fitting.

As of this day, April 1st, No. 11 is real and readable! Indigo's contour (cover art) is unique to the series so far, being the first to feature a portrait whose subject is not the collection's author. It is not easy to capture the mythic vitality of a hat in a few simple lines, but Indigo has done just that. 

"The author of 'Fédora' admits she lied about her real name in order to protect the innocent, although she's not sure who that might be." I will say this much: Starr Owen is one of our finest, most compassionate poets. I hope the sacred heart of what is being communicated through Owen finds a home in each of you. Here is what Eric Raanan Fischman has to say:

"Starr Owen is an excavation. A lamp on a city street. An inward breath. Carry these poems in your back pocket, to open basements."

We will soon have an incredible reading in celebration of Anne Waldman's Dream Book of Fez (No. 10) AND Innisfree Poetry Bookstore & Café's 5 year anniversary! Starting at 6:00pm on Sunday, April 24th, the authors of Lune issue Nos. 5 - 10 will perform: Reed Bye, Jack Collom, Laura Cesarco Eglin, Ella Longpre, Marielle Grenade-Willis, and Anne Waldman. We hope you will join us for "Lunisfree," a spring gathering like Boulder has never seen before. Many preemptive thanks to Brian & Kate for their love and generosity.

In keeping with Fedora's heteronymic spirit, No. 11's "Letter to the Moon" section features a poem by Horatio Beethoven, linguistic superhero among us. Upcoming issues feature commentary, essays, and poetry by Joanna Ruocco, Lisette Alonso, Stephen Sanders, Selah Saterstrom, Brittany Weeks, Alan Mudd and more.

May your ears fill with color & geometry. Yours in the Balance,

- Joe