A Green-Eyed Girl

and her squinting suitor,
a boy who resembles Julio Iglesias,
all lush hair, even teeth, and sturdy hands.
The two of them folded into a creaking Chevy
with their respective mothers, soon to be

Three Renaissance Portraits

The discovery of the New World was thought to unleash fabulous and untold things, but its outcome was no different than the outcome of the colonization of another planet; in both cases civilized man would bring much of his evil. The New World also lacked something of the timeworn richness that history had given the Old World, a richness that may be civilization’s greatest gift.

Ambulance Song

and caught up in headache i pulled out the old timey calculator and i tallied up my problems one at a time cross-categorized and i dug in to see what the algorithm was numbers floating strange algebra and cosines and lines of best fit floating through the air i realized i had a metric shit ton of problems and then i counted my blessings