Maureen Seaton's Fisher

Fisher (Black Lawrence Press, 2018) is “the kind of book that doesn't try to detect or dispel the secret as much as revel in it.” (Brian Blanchfield) “Maureen Seaton recasts the line again and again into her memories of a togetherness that was fearless and free... Strong, swift, glinting, deep, this book delivers the mystery in its elegy, then keeps coursing.” (Ellen Bass) “And yes, this is a dark book. And yes, it has the power to save.” (James Allen Hall)

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David Mutschlecner's Icon

Icon (Ahsahta Press, 2018) is a vivid example of David Mutschlecner’s theopoetics, offering devotion to the divine, to poets, and to the earth and materiality itself: ‘it is supernatural / that language lifts the tree,’ he writes, and ‘the gold ground holds / the halo whose gold / bleeds back into the ground.’

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Remembering Jack Collom

Jack Collom (1931 - 2017) presents his work from The Lune—and guides us all into the joyous collaborative heart of poetry—in November, 2015, at Innisfree Poetry Bookstore and Café. Here is the second video by Joshua Koerner in a two-part series covering the event.

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EventThe LuneJack Collom
The Poet in the World

How full of grace the child-self thus becomes, for it is in feeling—a biological reality that predominates youth—that one experiences "Power" as a force "toward wholeness." With practice (an alignment with aging?) we are capable of balancing the "Power" of collection with the "power" of individuation. Or such is my hope, and the art of the poets to whom I look for guidance. Poetry as an act of faith.

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The Son of David

Where there are a few people gathered together
to form a ventricle,
a partial mission evolves, the familiar
is made partisan, approaching
the divine undressing of
the surrender to a riddle.

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PoemTim KahlTim Kahl
Polyptych: Fédora

Before she was a gangster she was a cop. Before she was a cop she was a bee tamer. And before she was a bee tamer she was a mini Bernhardt in a gray fedora. She cross-dressed and crossed-­over, stuck her hand into a world and kept her mouth shut.

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PoemStarr OwenStarr Owen