The Poet in the World

How full of grace the child-self thus becomes, for it is in feeling—a biological reality that predominates youth—that one experiences "Power" as a force "toward wholeness." With practice (an alignment with aging?) we are capable of balancing the "Power" of collection with the "power" of individuation. Or such is my hope, and the art of the poets to whom I look for guidance. Poetry as an act of faith.

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The Son of David

Where there are a few people gathered together
to form a ventricle,
a partial mission evolves, the familiar
is made partisan, approaching
the divine undressing of
the surrender to a riddle.

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PoemTim KahlTim Kahl
Polyptych: Fédora

Before she was a gangster she was a cop. Before she was a cop she was a bee tamer. And before she was a bee tamer she was a mini Bernhardt in a gray fedora. She cross-dressed and crossed-­over, stuck her hand into a world and kept her mouth shut.

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PoemStarr OwenStarr Owen
Alternate Reality (27)

"Just as an explorer penetrates deeply into new and unknown lands, one makes discoveries in the everyday life, and the erstwhile mute surroundings begin to speak a language which becomes increasingly clear. In this way, the lifeless signs turn into living symbols and the dead is revived."

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