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POETSONEARTH.COM hosts material that, in the words of Jack Gilbert, "[risks] delight." We are concerned with sharing literary work that demonstrates fearless grace and resolve. Matter published online is not limited to a particular style or mode.



In print, The Lune features three new short collections of poetry per season, bound in one volume. We look for coherent works no longer than 29.5 pages, a limit inspired by the average number of days in a lunar month (or Saturn’s orbit in years, if you like). We often publish accepted titles in their entirety but will also work with you to determine a selection, depending on the rhythm and duration of work by concurrent contributors.

In the event that submissions are closed, feel free to send us a query via our contact form.

While our contributors are unique, far-flung and autonomous, The Lune is still a coherent community; as editors, we try hard to ensure that all published authors are in conversation, however tangentially or mysteriously. Before sending a submission, please make sure that the call to which you intend to reply is open, and that you are familiar (to some extent) with the work we have published up to this point. Then, if you choose to submit work for consideration, take care to adhere to the following:

Send no more than one document of 11 pages or fewer (online) / 29.5 pages or fewer (quarterly) as a PDF to joe (at) poetsonearth (dot) com. Please include your name and the composition's title in the document's filename, separated by an underscore (e.g., "Oscar Wilde_De Profundis.pdf"). If your piece contains audio, please provide links to the files online. If your project is image-only, please send no more than three sample images (JPEG) accompanied by a query in the body of the email that outlines your vision in brief. Translations, collaborations, and selections from longer works are appropriate, provided the project has not already been published. Heteronyms and pseudonyms are encouraged. We confirm receipt of materials within a week; final decisions generally take less than a month but can take up to three months. (Thank you, truly, for your patience.) Compensation for work published in print is a generous supply of copies and a lifetime subscription to the quarterly; online contributors receive the current issue of the quarterly; and for all, the best, most wholehearted and genuine exposure we can muster.