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Poetic Faith states that “where meaning is freed, it is at risk of loosing the parameters of dogma.” We celebrate poets as agents of this risk and, consequently, a quiet revolution whereby language “does not so much point to a particular signified event or thing, it rather blooms with significant light that washes the whole landscape.”

Whereas commercialism and dogmatism subordinate language to reified ends, we insist on the inherent liberty of ideation and the healing power of logopoeia. Our primary goal as a publisher is to foster communion by prayerful attendance to lexical ecosystems, that they may serve as open space for the inner reaches of personhood.

What does it mean to share poetry? What makes the gesture successful? How do (and don't) submissions serve (and honor) the communicative impulse? What are publishers really doing to promote correspondence in this deeply significant and volatile age? Are we willing to make the personal changes that history deems necessary for survival?

If poetry is to be found on the page, what does the page look like and where is it situated? What are the commercial suggestions and expectations? What sacrifices, if any, do we make in an effort to communicate? What do we expect to happen? Do we expect communion? Is it working?