Pomes Penyeach at Innisfree, 2014


  • The Lune—descendent of LuNaMoPoLiS—is born on the counter of Innisfree Poetry Bookstore & Café in Boulder, CO. Originally conceived as a journal of eleven word poems—variations on the Jack Collom lune, itself a variant of the Robert Kelly lune—the first three issues are printed on looseleaf paper and "unbound" in pre-stamped manilla envelopes.
  • The Lune produces an unbound edition of James Joyce's 1927 collection, Pomes Penyeach, first published by Sylvia Beach's Shakespeare & Co. in Paris, France. Printed by Citizen Printing in Fort Collins, CO, the broadsides and custom envelopes serve as a prototype for The Lune's subsequent chapbooks of contemporary poetry. (At roughly thirteen pages each, collections symbolically constitute a year in lunar months.) Ralph Ellison graces the USPS 3oz stamp.
  • The Lune acquires its first original chapbook manuscript, Reed Bye's What's ThisIndigo Deany draws a contour portrait of the author, establishing in-person portraiture as a lunar tradition and setting the stage for all forthcoming chapbook covers.

Pomes Penyeach unbound, 2014


Reed Bye at Yes And No release, 2015

  • What's This hits the shelves at Innisfree, donning a Flannery O'Connor stamp and marking the beginning of The Lune's chapbook series at No. 5 (in honor of The Lune's four preceding iterations). Reed and Ethie Friend join forces for a release reading at Innisfree, the first of five consecutive monthly readings by new chapbook authors. Nos. 6 and 7—Jack Collom's Yes And No and Laura Cesarco Eglin's Occasions to Call Miracles Appropriate—are the final editions to appear unbound.
  • Jack Collom's release reading—filmed by Joshua Koerner—turns into an exquisite corpse extravaganza. Jack collects and arranges the collaborative poems produced on this night, and authors an introduction; Joe titles the manuscript Something Deep About Change. (They hold out hope it will someday be published.)


Joseph Braun in Morrison Alley, 2016


Ella Longpre performs at Innisfree, 2016

  • Innisfree and The Lune join forces to celebrate the bookstore-café's fifth anniversary and Anne Waldman's Dream Book of Fez (No. 10). Reed Bye, Jack Collom, Laura Cesarco Eglin, Marielle Grenade-Willis, Ella Longpre, and Anne Waldman paint the packed-house with their voices.






Joseph Hutchison at the Mercury, 2017


Autumn cover by Indigo Deany, 2017

  • Building on its faith in experimental, contemplative, multilingual poesy as a communicative force in divisive times, The Lune acquires six full-length titles for publication. Forthcoming works embody the intersection of modern process and ancient practice, lyric and epic, theology and poetics, collation and invention, collaboration and translation; ancient Hebrew, early Christian, and Shambhala Buddhist traditions shine with new life. Primary authors and editors include Nina Pick, Reed Bye, David Mutschlecner, Jonathan Simkins, Kimrey Anna Batts, Laura Chalar, and Nick Hranilovich.