Pomes Penyeach at Innisfree, 2014


  • The Lune—descendent of LuNaMoPoLiS—is born on the counter of Innisfree Poetry Bookstore & Café in Boulder, CO. Originally conceived as a journal of eleven word poems—variations on the Jack Collom lune, itself a variant of the Robert Kelly lune—the first three issues are printed on looseleaf paper and "unbound" in pre-stamped manilla envelopes.
  • The Lune produces an unbound edition of James Joyce's 1927 collection, Pomes Penyeach, first published by Sylvia Beach's Shakespeare & Co. in Paris, France. Printed by Citizen Printing in Fort Collins, CO, the broadsides and custom envelopes serve as a prototype for The Lune's subsequent chapbooks of contemporary poetry. (At roughly thirteen pages each, collections symbolically constitute a year in lunar months.) Ralph Ellison graces the USPS 3oz stamp.
  • The Lune acquires its first original chapbook manuscript, Reed Bye's What's ThisIndigo Deany draws a contour portrait of the author, establishing in-person portraiture as a lunar tradition and setting the stage for all forthcoming chapbook covers.

Pomes Penyeach unbound, 2014


Reed Bye at Yes And No release, 2015

  • What's This hits the shelves at Innisfree, donning a Flannery O'Connor stamp and marking the beginning of The Lune's chapbook series at No. 5 (in honor of The Lune's four preceding iterations). Reed and Ethie Friend join forces for a release reading at Innisfree, the first of five consecutive monthly readings by new chapbook authors. Nos. 6 and 7—Jack Collom's Yes And No and Laura Cesarco Eglin's Occasions to Call Miracles Appropriate—are the final editions to appear unbound.
  • Jack Collom's release reading—filmed by Joshua Koerner—turns into an exquisite corpse extravaganza. Jack collects and arranges the collaborative poems produced on this night, and authors an introduction; Joe titles the manuscript Something Deep About Change. (They hold out hope it will someday be published.)


Joseph Braun in Morrison Alley, 2016


Ella Longpre performs at Innisfree, 2016

  • Innisfree and The Lune join forces to celebrate the bookstore-café's fifth anniversary and Anne Waldman's Dream Book of Fez (No. 10). Reed Bye, Jack Collom, Laura Cesarco Eglin, Marielle Grenade-Willis, Ella Longpre, and Anne Waldman paint the packed-house with their voices.






Joseph Hutchison at the Mercury, 2017


Autumn cover by Indigo Deany, 2017