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Quarterly Subscription

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Next issue: Winter 2020 | Volume II, Number 1

“The magazine is better curated than most, limiting itself in size while presenting some of the most readable poets around.” 𝔡𝔭

The Lune Quarterly consists of seasonal editions, each containing discrete yet interwoven sequences by American poets. Past luminaries include:

Nina PickThomas PhalenJonathan Simkins, j/j hastainTara Walker, Mark DuCharmeLaura Chalar, Ginger Teppner, Alicia Cahalane Lewis, Jaime Robles, Eleni PaddenNicholas Carlos Fuenzalida, Sherry Luo, Curtis Romero, & Genelle Chaconas

Pluralistic and concerted—made in the image (per imagination) of America—each issue provides readers with trusted counsel on the road to awe.

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