One Year Subscription

One Year Subscription


The Lune quarterly proffers a unique engagement of contemporary poetry: each issue includes three short new collections by three different authors. Designed to balance autonomy and interdependence, experimentation and coherence, each season's production is a real testament to the work of poets today. A one year subscription includes four issues (thus twelve collections). Upcoming works authored by the following inventive and prolific human beings:

j/j hastain, Laura Chalar, Mark DuCharme, Tara Walker, Ginger Teppner, Alicia Cahalane Lewis, Dave KornRachel Johnson-Melville & more

Previous authors include Alan MuddAnne WaldmanDavid Mutschlecner, Ella LongpreJack CollomJoanna RuoccoJonathan SimkinsKari TreadwellLaura Cesarco EglinLisette AlonsoMarielle Grenade-Willis, Maureen SeatonOlga BroumasT BegleyThomas Phalen, and W. Scott Howard

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