Poetic Faith

Poetic Faith


by David Mutschlecner (Preview | Introduction)

ISBN: 9781732874107 / Paperback / 5.5 x 8.5 / 118pp

“Reading these essays and meditations can feel like eavesdropping on a mind so profoundly self-articulate, so open, so vulnerable to the mystery of the world, that it proves no eavesdropping at all, but a conversation, and you realize, unwittingly, you’ve been talking too, all along. That is to say, the kindness of this work, these words—in their miracle, i.e. in what they let be seen—already includes us, the readers yet to come. That is a rare gift, but rare in the best way, as grass and trees and water and light and sky are rare; it is work that gives us back what is already our own. Not singing of the world, but singing to it, Mutschlecner offers us an invitation foolhardy to decline: ‘Stay with the world awhile. Linger.’ He writes with light, as light; all one need do is let the eye adjust, take a patient breath, and see.”Dan Beachy-Quick

“In brief meditative chapters, luminous as reveries, David Mutschlecner continues his investigation of poetics through Being’s illuminating lenses— philosophy, theology—always moving toward clarity: the self emptied of dogma. Chapters are focused (e.g. “Kenosis,” “Active Intuition,” “Being and the Thought of Being are One”), never constrained. This contemporary journey of the spirit examines gender fluidity, Citizens United, interfaith communication, confection vs. creation. There is room for the whole cosmos. It’s possible that spending time with Poetic Faith will change your poetry, and your life.”Mary Cisper

“To read is to write is to discover over and over the occasion of poetic faith. These terse essays embrace that wonder; they bequeath us not merely with Mutschlecner’s acute intelligence, but also with his tenderness for made thing and maker as they interact and reciprocally shape each other. Here is a new grammar, the syntax whose copula finally, fully conjoins as the ‘simple is of any of us, when it is cupped and loved, becomes the inclusive Is of all of us.’”Elizabeth Robinson

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David Mutschlecner

is the author of four titles from Boise State's Ahsahta Press: Esse (2002), Sign (2007), Enigma and Light (2012), and Icon (2018). He grew up in Bloomington, Indiana; moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico, in his mid-twenties, attending graduate school at St. John's College; and has now called New Mexico home for over twenty years.

At a time when so much poetry is taken up with the unreliability of perception and language, David Mutschlecner’s unabashed embrace of mystery and faith stands out.
— Mike Puican, TriQuarterly
Mutschlecner has a real gift for combining imagery, language, and thematics inherent in his subjects.
— David Peak, The Rumpus