No. 8: Ella Longpre

No. 8: Ella Longpre


ISBN: 9780996793339 / Paperback / 8.5 x 5.5 / 26pp

Ella Longpre's Apocalune, A Separation Cosmology (preview) is “the diaphane between revelation and revolution, a very thin, very heavy curtain. Here is where sadness, reconstruction, misery, and relief tearstain the pages of dismembered books. Here is distraught revelry, ecstatic empathy, and selfemptying. A sky of mirrored light."

“Somewhere between the spray (weft) and the moon, the sibylline witness Apocalune. Take heed—"

— Reed Bye

“An ocean. Ella Longpre is a protean poet. She shows us how to learn from fear instead of worshipping it."

— Joseph Braun

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Ella Longpre

is a writer-musician-professor from Michigan, California, Massachusetts, and Colorado. Her chapbook, The Odor of the Hoax Was Gone, was published by Monkey Puzzle Press in 2013. Her work has appeared in a variety of journals, old magazines, and &Now 3: Best Innovative Writing. She has been featured by Awst Press and Real Pants. She can be found on Google. She can also be found in the woods.