No. 7: Laura Cesarco Eglin

No. 7: Laura Cesarco Eglin


ISBN: 9780996793322 / Paperback / 5.5 x 8.5 / 26pp

Occasions to Call Miracles Appropriate (preview) is deep-image memory-work, “the aperture eyelid between dream and awake, in the threshold conjuring." Here is a language of personal address and verbal nouns: persons, places, and things converge with pliant reflexivity.

A multilingual and transnational poet, Laura Cesarco Eglin’s verse toes the line between the casual and the crystalline, a trick impelled by lucidity of image. These occasions interrogate linguistic boundaries embedded in everyday encounter, and represent her first collection originally composed in English.

“Cesarco Eglin measures time in sound, color, and curling, maps memory in wilting and tension, and exposes the nonlinear nature of hours. She calls out our futile addiction to naming, how our words reach ceaseless toward the thing and fall short. But Cesarco Eglin reminds us the real poem is right there in that reaching—in the aperture eyelid between dream and awake, in the threshold conjuring. At the end of this manuscript ‘you will not know your initials', and that's the liberation Cesarco Eglin offers so graciously. Open these pages and ‘let yourself feel wet at the shore' of her verse."

— Ellie Swensson

“These poems are a difficult waking, where, for the duration of the eyes' failure to stay open, the entire room is being disassembled, rearranged. Syntax as complex as color, as orange light against the eyelid. Whether over a few minutes or several hours, obviously that's unclear. But the span is like a tree opening and shades of light pouring out, casting objects in the room in such unholy light that they begin to change shape. And the futility of the body's will, against sleep, is overshadowed by the simultaneous transformation that occurs in spite of and adjacent to—near—the self."

— Ella Longpre

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Laura Cesarco Eglin

is a Uruguayan poet, translator, and Spanish American literary scholar whose works have appeared in a variety of journals, including Modern Poetry in Translation, MiPOesias, Puerto del Sol, The Acentos Review, Columbia Poetry Review, and others. She is the author of two collections of poetry, Llamar al agua por su nombre (Mouthfeel Press, 2010) and Sastrería (Yaugurú, 2011), and a chapbook of poems, Tailor Shop: Threads (Finishing Line Press, 2013), co-translated into English with Teresa Williams. Her poems are also featured in the Uruguayan women’s section of Palabras Errantes, Plusamérica and will appear in América invertida: An Anthology of Younger Uruguayan Poets, forthcoming from the University of New Mexico Press in 2015. She is a founding editor of Veliz Books.