No. 16: Ryan Wade Ruehlen

No. 16: Ryan Wade Ruehlen


No. 16, Ryan Wade Ruehlen's Jack Angel, is an investigative story-manual with visual and visceral clout, reaching into and in-between the lives of characters halfway to heaven or hell. Ruehlen's background in multimedia arts, performance and collaboration (see: Flinching Eye Collective) informs a documentary poetics whose language is surreal, strategic, and jarring. Jack Angel emerges as a masterful synthesis of cultural talking points and media-modes: integration, interrogation, nomenclature, polis, boundaries, beliefs, etc. It should come as no surprise that No. 16 is the first issue to feature content both in print and online: Ruehlen's Out-of-Body Observatory (↓) challenges the role and reality of the witness.

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Page numbers marked with ain the physical book parallel diagrams in the Out-of-Body Observatory (O.O.B.O.) and can be read in conjunction with the text or in isolated viewings.

About the Author

Ryan Wade Ruehlen is originally from Hays, Kansas. He has exhibited his work inter­nationally, esp. with Flinching Eye Collective (recipients of the 2014 Idea Fund Grant, a re­-granting program of the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts). Ryan has worked as a gallery and independent curator, performer, organizer, sound designer, university lecturer, and currently co-­operates Shadowtrash Tape Group, an audio­ art cassette label in Boulder CO. Much of his work is collaborative and exists at the intersection of sound, media, and performance. He holds a BFA in studio arts from Fort Hays State University, an MFA in studio arts at the University of Colorado­ Boulder, and is currently a candidate for a PhD in Intermedia Art, Writing, and Performance at the University of Colorado, Boulder.