Morning Rites

Morning Rites


by Reed Bye (Preview | Introduction)

ISBN: 9781732874114 / Paperback / 5.5 x 8.5 / 126pp

“These wonderful poems offer flashes of a mind in flow with the senses and subsequent afterthoughts, associations, and interjections that color and project meaning onto phenomena. They reveal what the acrobatic imagination can do when free to play with the present. The lyricism of these poems conceals the exertion required to stay put in the moment and ride the present's movement, however it bucks, watching and reporting what the mind does. What results is a rich array of sensory intuitions brought to life in the play of language, and representations so acute and precise "like silk thread through an atom" that, by their reading, reawaken our faculties like the first blinking sensations of the morning.”—Tyler Burba

“Reed Bye’s poems, to my ear, take shape from the music of being in it & outside seeing it at the same time. ‘It’ being life’s various moving planes, their projections of and counterpoints to fate, & that shapeliness of poems that’s only the necessary accident of one’s own mind making arrangements. I love Reed’s arrangements, their moving stability on the rollercoaster of perspective, & their wry insights into instability’s forms of onwardness. Is onwardness a thing? Well it’s made into a lovely wise seeing & speaking thing here in Morning Rites, a deeply kind way to hear walking in one’s legs & contribute to the woof while being & consciousness stand off between questions.”—Anselm Berrigan

“Reed Bye’s Morning Rites are guided by a playful voice that calls us to attention, a koan, a quiet joke harkening to mindfulness. A song in six movements. We are led through ‘everyday’ rites, where every day is a day of aubades, opening onto stillness, translucent color, non-action, and extending into action, dances of light, gentle symphonies. These rites assay secret activity, the motion in stasis, in matter, mapping out the bodied experiences behind the poem, behind the day... where every seasonal change, every flood, uncovers non-attachment, where, every morning, we wake into another process of becoming.”—Ella Longpre

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Reed Bye

is a contemplative scholar and longtime professor at Naropa University's Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics. His previous books include Some Magic at the Dump, Erstwhile Charms, Border Theme, Heart's Bestiary, Passing Freaks and Graces, Catching On, and Join the Planets: New and Selected Poems. He has also released two original CDs, Long Way Around and Broke Even.

Allen [Ginsberg] admired his calm tremendously. I saw Reed as a lineage holder of what I imagine was something practiced at the original Nalanda University…gentle & experiential & scholarly wisdom that comes from genuine heart connection to the work.
— Anne Waldman
Back up against the Rocky Mountains, on the foothills and plains facing the great eastern sunrise, lives the poet, in his wry and modest existence of merit and wisdom. A singer with a becoming lightness of tone—‘every note anticipates the next.’ A wakeful observant mind, checking out the decibels of the classic wake up and fly right think-talk of his odyssey.
— Joanne Kyger