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as mysterious recoveries of self of love of holding what is instantaneously lost go, bumble does what we all expect, deriving from what which almost most of us are known to us, preferring to remain much in rumblings, any sound a baby makes with her lips, "but i mean it" how many of us have also meant every word of a recently false? intending to love instead to get the picture the important thing is that one means to mean it. the important thing is that a human


[silver digital watch, lighting features malfunctioning]

          The second time D'Huil is struck by lightning the cabin of the airplane is cracking open is an egg          twenty nine resistant chickens inside          wide as the world is wide as the sky is wide as your flickering heart          is wide and falling

          You are trying to remember everything and you are trying to forget everything          and you are accounting for an awful lot of things and you are going to finish your bloody mary

          Because it is the only thing in front of you to do.



“Quoniam de ciuitatis utriusque, terrenae scilicet et caelestis, debitis finibus deinceps mihi uideo disputandum: prius exponenda sunt, quantum operis huius terminandi ratio patitur, argumenta mortalium, quibus sibi ipsi beatitudinem facere in huius uitae infelicitate moliti sunt, ut ab eorum rebus uanis spes nostra quid differat, quam Deus nobis dedit, et res ipsa, hoc est uera beatitudo, quam dabit, non tantum auctoritate diuina, sed adhibita etiam ratione, qualem propter infideles possumus adhibere, clarescat. De finibus enim bonorum et malorum multa et multipliciter inter se philosophi disputarunt; quam quaestionem maxima intentione uersantes inuenire conati sunt, qui efficiat hominem beatum."



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