Dear Friends,

In May of 1972, the poet Denise Levertov was invited to "comment on any topic" for a segment on NBC. Subsequently rejected by the producer, her comment was ultimately published by New Directions. Of the remarkable whole, one line in particular reverberates at The Lune's core:

"When I say I speak as a poet, it is the same as to say I speak as a human being."

We are called to uplift this truth: that the poet speaks as a human. But this does not mean maintaining some kind of market-approved personality; it means having an exchange rooted in human terms. To us, the foremost obstacle to encountering the poet as human is not, as some would argue, the quality of poetry being written today, but the prevalence (and acceptability) of coercive commercial practices. Whereas to be human is to freely decide. The publishers and programs that would reach us with "balanced" perspectives are the same publishers and programs that will justify selling our attention to advertisers.

We have come to understand that providing a person with the opportunity to discover a poet's work is paramount to the advent of connection; that guided by the spirit of discovery, each of us is more than capable of "getting it." We believe that this opportunity must be upheld from without and within a given publication; we know that in order to trust the experience, the reader must come from a place of trust in herself.

By publishing spaces in which poet and reader alike are trusted, we hope to foster truly authentic, revolutionary experiences in language. Suddenly with the poet in the landscape of a poem, may you experience The Lune as a sliver of light hovering in the fathomless distance of the mind.

Thank you for finding us.


Joseph Braun, Editor & Publisher                  Indigo Deany, Art Director