The Lune is a reflective space—in print and online—in which to witness feats of identity, place and feeling.

Our mission is to uphold a quiet, dauntless site for experimental thought; our method is to trust the voices and visions of good human beings. We share work that stems from a sense of wonder, delight in experiment, and concern for humanity, and believe that a publication so informed acts as a cultural balm against the literal-minded, commercially-driven objectives of modern media.

Each quarterly issue of The Lune for print features new works by three (or more) poets. Online, The Lune hosts exploratory essayism ranging across themes in history, art, politics, science, religion, and beyond. Rather than fear that which emerges from the unconscious, we aim to celebrate and honor it. It is too easy to dismiss the power of quiet, unspeakable things. And it is of paramount importance to society to highlight the ethical power of those who speak them.