Contemplative Poetics
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Morning Rites | Reed Bye

Praise for What's This:

“Spills whole and unimpeded from a great mind at play—sometimes incantatory, often humorous, and always surprising. What a gift from this beloved poet! (And who doesn’t love a poet who admits he’s on a mission to save the solar system? And who doesn’t love a poet who says: ‘If the door won’t open; there may be too much behind it’ or ‘The sound is true and level | across years even if you can’t tell what it is | they’re saying’ or ‘Lift your visor | Deep in cosmos | something flutters | A reflex such as I’.)” — Maureen Seaton


Poetic Faith | David Mutschlecner

Praise for Poetic Faith (Part One):

"Mutschlecner's meditations demonstrate the mutual suffusion of metaphysics and poetics... His inquiries transpire inside the clearest language and progress with a guileless, un-ironic depth of care and commitment. Suddenly, the reader finds herself in the midst of a universe that peels back its skin to reveal its living core... we join together as a community of readers and makers of poetry who understand, like David Mutschlecner, that our 'interconnectedness is logos itself.” Elizabeth Robinson

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Poets on Earth (at the Turn of the Third Millennium)

Curated by the editors, with a cento-preface by multimedia artist Nick Hranilovich of Shadowtrash Tape Group, Poets on Earth (at the Turn of the Third Millennium) features selected writings from twenty-nine of The Lune's chapbook titles, or thirty singular voices: a mythopoetic gathering for our time.

Poets on Earth is a unique annunciation of post-millennial poetics, galvanized by the experimental impulse of its constituency. Bicameral and motopoetic, the anthology reveals the 21st century as both contrived temporal limit (an abstraction of civic transformation and religious conquest) and powerful indication of human history, commemorating—by scintillating variety—an existential frontier.


El Creacionismo | Vicente Huidobro

Relentless in his linguistic exploration and disruption of political and emotional parlance, Vicente Huidobro (1893 - 1948) was a unique figure in the surge of literary modernism. "Creationism" is one of Huidobro's lasting literary ideas, a movement rooted in the poem's inceptive power: "It creates the wonderful and gives it a life of its own." Awake to the limits of ideology and the violence of dogma, he charged poetry with overthrowing the distinction between the real and the impossible.

The Lune is proud to present an inventive selection and bilingual edition of Vicente Huidobro's “creationist” texts, with new English translations by Jonathan Simkins and Kimrey Anna Batts.