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Vicente Huidobro (c. 1912)

Vicente Huidobro (c. 1912)

El Creacionismo

by Vicente Huidobro

Edited & Translated by Jonathan Simkins & Kimrey Anna Batts

A multilingual innovator and international antifascisto, Vicente Huidobro (Jan. 10, 1893 - Jan. 2, 1948) is one of Chile's greatest poets. The Lune is proud to present a bilingual edition of Huidobro's creationist texts—which, underscored by his Creationist manifesto and interdisciplinary verve, redefined poetry in the 21st century—with new English translations by Jonathan Simkins and Kimrey Anna Batts.

"El Creacionismo" is one of Huidobro's lasting literary ideas, a movement rooted in the poem's inceptive power: "It creates the wonderful and gives it a life of its own." Relentless in his dismantling of linguistic and political boundaries, Huidobro envisioned a poetry capable of holding the real and the impossible at once. He maintained that creationist poetry is by its own nature universal and universally translatable, "since the new facts remain identical in all tongues."

Here is a poet who received support from Mahatma Gandhi via postcard; who forged (and often destabilized) relationships with Picasso, Breton, Tzara, Ernst, Elouard, Apollinaire, Cocteau, Miro, Modigliani, and many more. His vision was a binding glue and blinding light, the spinal support between surrealism and acmeism, painting and politics, men and women. This is poiesis the English-speaking world cannot afford to overlook.

Photo by Matias Reyes

Photo by Matias Reyes

Poets on Earth

Edited by Nick Hranilovich

Curated by multimedia artist and writer Nick Hranilovich (Shadowtrash Tape Group, Astronaut Books), Poets on Earth (at the Turn of the Third Millennium) is a mythopoetic gathering for our time. Drawing from each of The Lune's thirty chapbook titles, part one features a narrative amalgamation of fragments—forming the first ever lunar epic—while part two features intact selections and author commentary.

The anthology is unique for its sheer textual variety, its unflinching experimentalism, and its bicameral approach to synthesizing myriad contemporary voices. The 21st century is at once a contrived temporal limit (an abstraction of civic transformation and religious conquest) and a powerful indication of human history. Poets on Earth commemorates—by variety of voice and mind—an existential frontier.

Featuring Reed Bye, Jack Collom, Laura Cesarco Eglin, Ella Longpre, Marielle Grenade-Willis, Anne Waldman, Maureen Seaton, Joanna Ruocco, Lisette Alonso, Third Eye Broadcast, Alan Mudd, Ryan Wade Ruehlen, Olga Broumas, T Begley, W. Scott Howard, David Mutschlecner, Nina Pick, Jonathan Simkins, Thomas Phalen, Mark DuCharme, Tara Walker, j/j hastain, Laura Chalar, Ginger Teppner, Alicia Cahalane Lewis, Sherry Luo, Nicholas Fuenzalida, Jaime Robles, Eleni Padden, Genelle Chaconas, and Curtis Romero.

Photo by Joseph Braun

Photo by Joseph Braun

Poetic Faith

by David Mutschlecner

New & Expanded, with an Introduction by Elizabeth Robinson

Poetic Faith (preview) joins Annie Dillard's Holy the Firm, Thomas Merton's No Man is an Island, St. John of the Cross's Spiritual Canticle of the Soul and the Bridegroom Christ, Clarice Lispecter's Agua Viva, Thomas Keating's Open Mind, Open Heart... in its prayerful concern, masterful prosody, and ecstatic vision. The work, the word—Mutschlecner's world—is refulgent with humility, the sense of pure service and integral action that stems from steadfast devotion. The Lune is proud to represent Poetic Faith, with twenty new theopoetic essays rounding off a singular full-length edition.

"The very notion that you are sustained at each moment by an infinite plenitude of all that is contingent means that this life that you call yours has value beyond finite conceiving; it means that every other life is subject to the same terms of wonder. This is real; this is really happening. I am here by amazing grace and marrow music. The same mind that brought you to nothingness teems with sublime community." (p.1)

"Mutschlecner's meditations," writes Elizabeth Robinson, "demonstrate the mutual suffusion of metaphysics and poetics... His inquiries transpire inside the clearest language and progress with a guileless, un-ironic depth of care and commitment. Suddenly, the reader finds herself in the midst of a universe that peels back its skin to reveal its living core."

Photo by Sasha Svereva

Photo by Sasha Svereva

Contemporary Argentine & Uruguayan Poets

Edited & Translated by Laura Chalar

Featuring Mercedes Araujo, Alejandra Correa, Elena Lafert, Marina Serrano, Carolina Esses, Rafael García de Armas, Tatiana Oroño, Laura Cesarco Eglin, Marta Kelly, Celestial Brizuela, and many more

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