Dream Children (May 2017)

"In shape and color we come to exist. With no more than these we can attest to our very deepest ideas and experiences. There certainly is much to worry about: an immortal violence churns under the surface of all that we produce and consume: foods, jobs, medicines, buildings, books. Left unchecked—unacknowledged—this violence can direct our every gesture, and I worry about addressing the disturbances in myself. But the worries that underscore the difficulty of living dissolve in nothing so readily as they do in the affirming gaze or speech of another human."  ( archive )


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Many of our titles are distributed worldwide by Ingram Book Group. That being said, direct inquiries are more than welcome—we do our very best to provide copies to classes, reading groups, public spaces, &c. for free.


The Lune lives at the intersection of poetry and community. If you or an organization you represent would like to combine forces for the sake of a cause, a gathering, a production, or a place, we would love to talk.

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